In-Person Virtual Schooling Support Academy

in Key Biscayne

We are the New Normal School Solution 

Virtual Schooling Support Group aims to close the gap between online schooling and traditional classroom 

A small group of students lead by a certified teacher will meet daily following regular school hours. 

We follow and comply with each student school class schedule and ensure they keep pace within their courses and complete all assignments weekly. 

We guarantee quality certified teachers and tutors with experience in the private and public-school systems.

We provide personalized tutoring and monitoring during all of your child’s virtual school days.

We are the perfect alternative of your child to stay at home doing online schooling.

We are a nonprofit and  tax deductible  educational

 academy. Tuition price is the cost to cover academy cost.

We monitor daily each student progress throughout the school year.

Exploring Your Child's Incredible Potential

Every student deserves to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Students achieve success for their whole self through a completely personalized educational experience, centered in our one-to-one approach given by exceptional school teachers.


First Serve Academy (FSA) was born out of the need to have a better option for schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic, I didn’t want to send my children back to school for obvious reasons and I didn’t want to have my children to be at home all day long doing online schooling without any supervision, any socialization or any interaction with teachers and tutors.